The commercial grade refrigerator with transparent LCD screen

The SCREENfridge is a custom-built refrigerator with transparent LCD screen designed to commercial grade standards that is a highly efficient marketing and advertising tool for both brands and products looking to make a lasting impact at Point of Sale.

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SCREENfridge features and functionality at a glance

The SCREENfridge is sold exclusively by the digital signage specialists pilot Screentime based in Hamburg, Germany. The all-in-one solution is provided with all the necessary tools for commercial use, including hardware, software, monitoring, installation and servicing.

  • Designed for 24/7 operation with intelligent power efficiency settings
  • 49" diameter visible transparent LCD screen
  • 600 litre volume (holds approx. 250 x 500ml bottles or cans)
  • Robust stainless steel and aluminium metal housing designed for demanding locations, including a rear panel
  • Includes an embedded Windows PC with internet access
  • GSM / UMTS / LTE (3G or 4G) antenna included
  • Unique custom designed energy efficient LED light concept
  • High contrast video content playback
  • Includes content management system powered by Scala
  • Content replacement and monitoring included for the first year
  • European certification with 12 month “bring-in” warranty
  • Designed and made in Germany

Technical specifications

The SCREENfridge has been designed by engineering and digital signage experts with longevity, robustness and low-maintenance in mind. Our basis model has been installed and operated now for over 5 years and this has allowed us to generate a wealth of know-how in the running of single or multiple SCREENfridges across various locations. We can also offer delivery, installation and servicing if required, ensuring that you have one partner for all your marketing and sales needs.

Dimension (HxWxD): 2086mm x 804mm x 770mm
Weight: Approx. 180 Kg
External colour (w/o foil): White
Power connection: 230 V / 2 A
Energy consumption: Approx. 1,7 kW in 24 hours
Panel: LG (transparent Screen)
Diagonal: 49" (1244,60mm)
Viewable area: 584,82mm x 1039,68mm
Resolution: 1080 x 1920 Pixel (Full-HD)
Frequency: 60 Hz
Colour Space: 8bit – 16.7m colours

Specifications (PDF)


Supermarkets, Cash and Carry, Shopping Centers, Off-Licences, Liquor Stores

Bars and Clubs

Customer Lounges and Showrooms

Trade Show Centers and Congress Centers

Hotels, Restaurants, Quick Service Restaurants

Petrol and Gas Stations

Sport Centers and Fitness Studios

Concert Halls and Event locations

Single or network operation

The SCREENfridge is a proven marketing and sales tool but it can be combined with other units to offer even more impact. By combining multiple units, synchronous transparent content can be played back over multiple screens. This increases visual impact and ensures that branding and product messages have the highest retention potential. The in-built content management system allows us to distribute video content over the internet to target each unit, allowing us to deliver single or multiple advertising messages to all or single screens.

Refrigerators with Digital Signage

We ensure that dynamic content and advertising reaches digital screens at the „point of interest“ and „point of sale“ (POI & POS) – where around 75% of all buying decisions are made. Digital screen communication is not only more appealing and eye-catching, it offers advantages in updating your content and advertising in real-time and can be scaled from one single screen to thousands depending on your needs and strategy. Our optional services include the development of content, advertising and technology for SCREENfridges and other digital screens. For more information about these services please contact us.

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Playlist Management

The SCREENfridge includes a content management system (CMS) that runs as a Software-as-a-Servie (SaaS). The CMS is included for the first year. The CMS is an internet connected client-server platform maintained by pilot Screentime and allows the customer to use local and global triggers including time, day, location, weather and real-time external data feeds to drive their content delivery. This allows for instant campaigns and promotions on single or multiple units across networks. Without the CMS the SCREENfridge can display content but needs to be modified for “offline playback”. Content updates must then be installed locally on the unit.

Custom design

The SCREENfridge is delivered in standard powder-coated white. Other colours are available on request. Each unit can be wrapped in a foil for easy branding. The SCREENfridge has a back panel allowing for a foil wrap on all four sides. The foil wrap method allows customers to re-brand their SCREENfridges over time. Please contact us with you special requests and we will do our best to meet your requirements.

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